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After beginning his bartending career in Wellington at the Matterhorn Restaurant, Daniel Monk made the move to Melbourne to expand his skills and knowledge. Beginning at The Toff in Town, Monk was a fast learner and was quickly promoted to head bartender where he thrived and begun building a name for himself in Melbourne. He then moved on to open the highly regarded cocktail bar, Joe Taylor, in North Melbourne.

Following the successful launch of Joe Taylor, Monk hopped across seas once more to Singapore, where he immersed himself in new techniques and a new culture, before moving back to Melbourne to dedicate his life to Rum. Starting by managing the Rum Diary Bar in Fitzroy, Monk’s creativity and well-developed palate saw him move out from behind the bar, becoming the full-time Brand Ambassador and Master Spicer for Rum Diary Spiced.

In his first year in the role full-time, Daniel has headed up the national tiki competition, Of All Things Tiki, Land & Sea, which was a huge success, and had one of the three spiced rum varieties (Experimental Kitchen, Cherry) listed in the Top Ten Spirits of 2017.