Frequently Asked Questions

Here is everything you need to know about Highball 2022! Check back for updates on distillery & food vendor lineup & Highball Speaker Series timetables.

How will it work on the day?

  • Arrive at the front doors of the Dominion Museum Building at the session time on your ticket
  • Drop your goods at the coat and bag check!
  • Once you have your Wayver wristband, pick up your Highball glass
  • You're in! Explore the different spaces in the Dominion Museum Building, sample spirits, grab another cocktail in the Great Hall, check out the Prohibition Bar by Hawthorn Lounge, learn something new from a cocktail expert in the Highball Speaker Series and watch the most talented bartenders at the NZ Bartender of the Year competition.

  • When you need to top up your wristband, head to the clearly signposted Wayver bank (see below for more Wayver info)
  • All bars will close 30 minutes before each session ends
  • Water is free and flowing, and easily accessible. Each exhibitor will have water provided for Highball participants.
  • Highball staff are wearing Highball t-shirts - if you need anything, please approach them with your query

How do I pay for food and drinks at Highball?

  • Wayver is the only accepted form of payment. Wayver is a is a Cashless Payment System for festivals all around the globe. It speeds up service meaning queues are shorter and faster!
  • If you purchase a GA ticket, pick up your Wayver wristband at the door. There is a one-off $3 activation fee when you load your Wayver wristband at the banks located at the venue.
  • Any funds remaining on your wristband can be refunded free of charge onsite at the end of the festival. Or you have up to a month to get a refund online. You will need to keep your wristband and head to to access your refund, note there is a $2 online refund fee, so it is better to do onsite on the day.

What do I get for my Highball ticket?

All Highball tickets include:

  • a Highball festival glass
  • access to the Highball Speaker Series with 12 local and international speakers
  • access to more than 30 distilleries
  • access to the Prohibition Bar presented by Hawthorn Lounge (where you can rest while enjoying snacks and cocktails)
  • access to attend the New Zealand Bartender of the Year competition
  • four food vendors (pay-on-consumption)
  • live music

How much will cocktails cost?

Distilleries and producers will have their products available for you to sample, and cocktails will cost between $14 - $18.

Where will Highball be held?

In the iconic art deco Dominion Museum Building. The Dominion Museum building is very central, easy to access and a beautiful space in which you can introduce yourself to the world of cocktails and spirits.

Will there be places to pop my coat, bags, kitchen sink, etc.?

Absolutely. You will be able to leave your coats, bags, etc. after you entered the building. Coat checks will be clearly signed and secure.

What is the venue’s wheelchair access like?

People needing mobility access to the Dominion Museum building’s Great Hall will need to be escorted by a Highball event staff (teal Highball t-shirts), they need to identify themselves when collecting their wristbands. Mobility access will be via the back-of-house spaces.

It’s going to be a right knees-up, isn’t it?

Yes, it is going to be a grand old time! But we do expect festival goers to enjoy the festival responsibly, otherwise, we do reserve the right to eject those who are displaying anti-social behaviour.