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sean baxter

Sean began bartending as soon as he left school (much to his parents’ excitement after a lengthy private school education) and found himself shaking drinks in many of Brisbane’s nightclubs. It was around this time Sean also began getting into food. Sean moved from Brisbane to Melbourne because there were more bars there and they closed later, pretty simple really. He also met his future wife Cassie in Melbourne who would prove instrumental in him eventually joining Never Never Distilling.

Melbourne introduced Sean to classic cocktails and opened his eyes up to a future in hospitality. He worked in countless bars over an eight year period and held every position from bartender, to head bartender, venue manager and finally host. He even fit in a short stint on Masterchef in 2014. It was very short, he placed 17th.

Sean and Cassie moved to Sydney to become the new National Brand Ambassador for Johnnie Walker and the Classic Malts, though after two years, Sean relocated to South Australia, Cassie's home, to get married and start a new life.

Sean had known Tim for many years. Their wives went to school together and had bonded many times over a mutual love of drinking great cocktails. Tim knew Sean wanted to make spirits and introduced him to George. It only took an afternoon sitting with George over beers and boilermakers to realise that they shared a passion for all things flavour.

When Sean arrived in Adelaide, he immediately got to work on building the brand that would become the Never Never Distilling Co. He works as Never Never’s Brand Director, as well as having an important role in spirit production and product development. He’s always been a juniper freak, and now it’s his mission to spread the juniper revolution world wide.